GHIZO PARIS, a simplified joint-stock company (SAS) is registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 901 400 267 and whose registered office is 21 rue Frémicourt 75015 Paris FRANCE , specializing in the creation, manufacture and marketing of jewelry, wishes to inform you of the measures implemented to protect your personal data and your private life in accordance with the legislation in force and more particularly with the provisions of the law of January 6th 1978 known as “Informatique et Libertés” modified, of European Regulation 2016/679 as well as the recommendations issued by the CNIL (hereinafter the legislation in place).

In application of the legislation in place, you have a right of access, opposition, rectification, deletion, portability and limitation of processing of personal data concerning you. You also have the right to define directives relating to the fate of your personal data after your death. These rights may be exercised by post to the following address: GHIZO PARIS, 21 rue Frémicourt 75015 Paris FRANCE, enclosing with your request a copy of your identity document (which will not be retained by Ghizo Paris and may either be destroyed or returned to you at your convenience). You have the right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL if you consider that we do not comply with the applicable regulations regarding personal data.

As responsible for the processing of your personal data, Ghizo Paris wishes to respond to your concerns relating to the confidentiality of the information that you transmit to us by all means of communication, in particular: website and social media (here after “Communication Channels”).

When you communicate your personal data to us, you authorize us to use them, keep them and, if necessary, transmit them to our partners when the processing of your requests requires it. By submitting personal data to us through the Communication Channels, you agree to this policy. Our policy may be modified to take into account changes in the legislation in force with regard to personal data. We will keep you informed of any changes made.

Personal data transmitted to Ghizo Paris

This is information about you as a natural person that you have voluntarily communicated to Ghizo Paris via the various Communication Channels and which is essential to the processing of your order (such as in particular your surname, first name, email address, number telephone number, mailing address).

We inform you that the information that must be provided to Ghizo Paris is visibly marked with an asterisk on our website (hereinafter "the Site"). Information not marked with an asterisk is optional.

This information is essential for the processing of your orders, which unfortunately cannot be processed in the absence of this information.

Data relating to your navigation on the Site (cookies).

When browsing the Ghizo Paris website, temporary cookies may be saved on your computer.

What is a cookie?

A "cookie", or tracer, is a text file that allows Ghizo Paris to identify the device in which it is registered during the period of validity or registration of the cookie.

During your browsing on the site, Ghizo Paris may save, in a dedicated space on the hard drive of your device (computer, tablet or smartphone), one or more "cookies" via the internet browser you use and depending on the settings you have selected on it in terms of cookies.

This information is in particular:

  • The type of Internet browser you use
  • The type of operating system and device you use to access the Service
  • The domain name of your internet service provider
  • The web page you came from
  • The country of residence and your language

    The pages and options you visit and access on our site.

    During your first visit to our site, when Ghizo Paris considers placing a cookie on your device, an information banner will be displayed at the bottom of the page. By continuing to browse the site after clicking on "I accept", you expressly consent to Ghizo Paris placing cookies on your device (cookies linked to operations relating to targeted advertising, certain cookies for measuring audience, social network cookies generated in particular by their sharing buttons when they collect personal data). If you continue browsing the site, cookies may be placed on your computer. The banner will remain displayed as long as the person has not continued browsing, i.e. until they have gone to another page of the site or clicked on an element of the site. If you do not wish to accept all or part of the cookies, we recommend that you click on the "Find out more" link on the banner, and follow the detailed instructions allowing you to refuse them.

Cookies do not generate or transmit computer viruses likely to infect your device, they are only readable and recognizable by their issuer.

You have the possibility to change the settings relating to cookies at any time. Below you will find information about cookies and the different ways to manage cookie-related settings on your browser.

The validity period of the consent to the deposit of Cookies is 13 months. At the end of this period, we will seek your consent again.

If you wish to know more about cookies and their use, you can consult the file of the National Commission for Computing and Freedoms at the following address:, section "Cookies: tools to control them ".

Cookies on the site

Ghizo Paris may use the following types of cookies (banner at the bottom of the page):

  • Session management cookies
  • Audience measurement cookies (statistical cookies)
  • Cookies necessary for certain optional features
  • Targeted advertising cookies
  • Social network cookies generated in particular by their sharing buttons when they collect personal data

    Session management cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the site. Refusing them may cause the site to slow down and/or malfunction.

    By analyzing how you use the site, Ghizo Paris can offer you better navigation in order to respond appropriately to your expectations and also identify any problems you encounter in order to provide quick solutions.

    You have the option of simply opposing cookies via the procedures detailed in c) below.

    Ghizo Paris is likely to integrate on its site third-party computer applications allowing you to share content from the site with other people. This is particularly the case of the “Share” or “Like” button on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. The social network concerned is then likely to identify you and save cookies on your devices. We invite you to consult their privacy policy.

    Your choices regarding cookies

You have the option of modifying the settings of your internet browser at any time in order to accept, configure or, on the contrary, refuse cookies. Several options are available to you: accept all cookies, be notified when a cookie is saved, or systematically refuse all cookies.

Ghizo Paris informs you that the deactivation of session or functional cookies may have the effect of preventing consultation of the site. As such, Ghizo Paris cannot be held responsible in the event of degraded functioning of our services related to the settings you have chosen.

Each internet browser offers different configuration methods for managing cookies. Usually, they are described in the help menu of each browser. If you use a type or version of browser different from those listed below, we invite you to consult the "Help" menu of your browser.

You are using Safari 5.0 (on computer):

  1. Choose Safari > Preferences then click on “Security web”;
  2. In the “Accept cookies” section, indicate if and when Safari should accept cookies from sites Choose Safari > Preferences then click on “Security web”;

    web ;

    For an explanation of the options available to you, click the help button "?" ".

    If you have set Safari to always block cookies, you may need to temporarily accept cookies to open a page. Repeat the above steps, selecting "Always". When you are done with the affected page, disable cookies again and delete the cookies from the page.

    For more information, you can consult the following page:

You use Safari on iOS (tablets and smartphones):

  1. Open the "Settings" application and choose "Safari";
  2. In the “Confidentiality” section go to “Accept cookies”;
  3. Define your privacy settings.

    For more information, you can consult the following page:

You are using Google Chrome:

  1. Choose the “Settings” menu
  2. Click on “Show advanced settings” and go to the “Privacy” section
  3. Click on “Content Settings”
  4. Select "Block cookies and data from third-party sites" to block cookies.

    For more information, you can consult the following page:

You are using Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click on “Menu” then “Options”
  2. Select the “Privacy” icon
  3. In the History area, for the “Retention rules” option, select “use the

    custom settings for history”

  4. Check the “Accept cookies” box to enable cookies, or uncheck it to disable them.

    If you are having difficulty with cookies, you need the option "Accept cookies

    third party" is not set to "Never".

  5. Choose the shelf life of cookies by selecting between the 3 options (a), (b)

    or (c) below:

(a) “their expiry”: Each cookie will be deleted on its expiry date, the date set by the site issuing the cookie.

(b) “Firefox closing”: the cookies stored on your computer will be deleted when you close the Firefox browser window.

(c) “Ask me each time”: a warning will be displayed each time a website wishes to save a cookie, asking you whether you accept this registration or not.

6. Click OK to close the “Options” window and validate your choices. For more information, you can visit the page


  1. Go to the “Tools” menu, then select “Internet Option”
  2. Click on the “Privacy” tab;
  3. Select the desired privacy level using the slider: up to “Block

    all cookies” to block all cookies, or down to “Accept all cookies” to accept all cookies.

    For more information, you can visit the following page:

You use Android:

  1. Tap on the button at the top right
  2. Select “Settings” then “Privacy and security”
  3. Define the privacy settings you want to apply.

• For what purposes are your data collected?

When you contact Ghizo Paris via the various communication channels mentioned above, the purpose of collecting your personal data may be:

The provision of access to the site and access to your dedicated customer area to allow you, in particular, to consult and follow your orders;

The execution of the orders you have made on the site (in particular the follow-up and the return of the products as well as any complaints);

Sending information letters (newsletters) and any other documentation (particularly brochures) that you have requested;

Answer your questions
Inform you of new similar jewelry that may be of interest to you
More generally, compliance with the legal, regulatory, accounting and tax obligations of Ghizo Paris
Dealing with requests and complaints made by you about orders.

Soliciting you during marketing operations
Your data may also be used for commercial purposes:

  • Management of any subscription and unsubscription to newsletters at your request.
  • Communication of information relating to Ghizo Paris and its partners: news, products and services, commercial prospecting and personalized offers.

    How and for how long? Securing your data

    As responsible for the processing of your personal data, Ghizo Paris implements all the technical and organizational measures necessary to respect the protection of your personal data.

    Duration of retention of your data

We store this information for a period proportionate and necessary for the purpose for which we process it and in any case for the period necessary to meet a legal or regulatory obligation. The data is kept for a period that does not exceed the period necessary for the following purposes: We store this information for a period proportionate and necessary for the purpose for which we process it and in any case for the period necessary to meet a legal or regulatory obligation. The data is kept for a period that does not exceed the period necessary for the following purposes:

  • Newsletter : Your data will be kept as long as your subscription is active. You can end it at any time by unsubscribing in the link that will be indicated.
  • Execution of an order: the data necessary to process your request will be kept for a maximum of three years from your last order or our last contact.
  • Commercial offers: your data will be kept as long as you agree to receive our commercial offers. You can refuse them at any time by unsubscribing in the link that will be indicated.

    For which recipients? Ghizo Paris and its partners

    We would like to inform you that in order to enable the execution of the purposes mentioned in point III above, your data may be processed by technical service providers (IT, hosting, email distribution, maintenance, online payment service provider, etc.).), which are located within the European Union.

    Non-partner third parties

    Ghizo Paris undertakes not to transfer or sell personal data concerning you to non-partner third parties. We do not share any personal data with agencies or companies for marketing or commercial purposes.

    If the law, an authority (for example the tax administration or the CNIL) or a judge were to force Ghizo Paris to communicate personal data concerning you, Ghizo Paris undertakes, as far as possible, to notify you. (Unless Ghizo Paris is not authorized to do so, in particular given the legal or judicial obligations that may be incumbent upon it).

    Finally, we may buy or merge or be purchased by another company or dispose of all or part of our assets. In such a case, your personal data may be communicated to another company, but this communication will be subject to the privacy and Cookies policy in force.

    How do links on the Sites to other sites affect me?

    We may occasionally place links on our Site to other websites and applications operated by third parties. These links are there for your convenience only and are intended to add value to your visit. However, by including these links, we have no control over these websites and applications, which are independent from Ghizo Paris and have separate privacy protection policies. When you leave our Site, please be aware that our policies cease to apply. Therefore, we will not be responsible for the accuracy, appropriateness, availability, reliability, copyright compliance, legality or decency of material contained in third-party websites and applications linked to our Site. We strongly encourage you to review the terms and privacy policies of any third-party websites and applications before using their sites.

How can you access, update or delete information in your account ?

To modify one or more personal data entered in your customer account, we invite you to contact your advisor and/or send your request to the following email address:

What if you have other questions about Ghizo Paris' privacy and cookie policy?

If you have any questions or doubts about this privacy and Cookies policy, you can contact us at the email address or by sending us a post at 21 rue Fremicourt, 75015 Paris FRANCE.